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Natalie LaRusch

Marketing Committee

Marketing Committee

Natalie is originally from Buffalo, NY (go Bills!) and has been in education in NC public schools for the past twenty years: thirteen as a fourth-grade teacher at Elizabeth Traditional Elementary in CMS, the past seven years as an Assistant Principal at Winterfield Elementary, and now as Assistant Principal at Villa Heights Elementary.

Abby Childers, founder of BBF and Bethany's mom, was hired by Natalie at her school halfway through last school year. Abby and Natalie became instant friends, and it wasn't too long until Abby shared Bethany's story with Natalie. Within a few months Natalie was invited to be on the board at BBF, and ever since then she's been all in with helping kids like Bethany.

Even though Natalie never had the privilege of meeting Bethany, B's spirit lives on in those who knew her, including her mom Abby and the mission of the foundation.

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